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Welcome to Gawsworth Parish Church

We are a historic church located in the beautiful rural village of Gawsworth, Cheshire.  We serve the local parish and a wider community of worshippers from accross the county. 

There is a warm welcome for anybody wanting to visit or get in-touch.


We are one of a handful of chuches in the UK providing the original 17th Century Church of England communion mass to our parishoners.  As the world around us changes ever faster, we hold to tried, true, and time honored worship that connects us with our shared history. 


The Church of St James the Great dates back to 1430, and has a long and incredibly rich history.  Today we serve our congregation and local community with a variety of societies and services.  


Join us in the beautiful rural surroundings of Gawsworth for an especially meaningful church experience.  Whether celebrating a birth, tying the knot, or honoring a loved one, we can provide a memorable experience in a wonderful location. 

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