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Every £1 you donate will be used to keep and maintain this beautiful historic Church.  

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You can become a friend of Gawsworth St. James the Great for only £5 per ann.

If you join Friends you will be helping to maintain this beautiful 585 year old Church and grounds.  We will keep in contact with you via email as a FRIEND of St. James the Great, Gawsworth.  Registered Charity No: 1099488

If you don't have a PayPal account
you can use a credit/debit card

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We need your help to maintain this beautiful 585 year old Church and grounds.  You can help with Church cleaning and maintenance, or help with tea and coffee making on a Sunday morning. Or how about helping with our once a month Church yard working group to maintain the grounds.



St James the Great 

The Friends of Gawsworth Church, St James the Great

Registered Charity No: 1099488

This is a Charity set up to help look after and maintain out beautiful Church of  St James and the Churchyard.
Our Charity objectives are to advance the Christian religion by the restoration, preservation, repair, maintenance and beautification of the Parish Church of  St James the Great, Gawsworth in the County of Cheshire, and of the monuments, fittings, fixtures, stained glass, furniture, ornaments and chattels in the church and churchyard belonging to the church.  In addition we try to promote a wide interest in the care and preservation of the church, its history and its work.

The Church of St James is at the centre of our community along with the Old Hall.  Both draw in visitors and add tremendously to the beauty of our village.  We are sure it is a source of pride and pleasure for all who live here.

We would like to encourage as many people to become members of  the Friends of Gawsworth Church and help us to look after this historic building.  There is a great deal of hard work to be done behind the scenes to raise much needed funds and donate time to help on specific maintenance projects.  Our band of helpers/volunteers is not getting any younger and we are searching for new faces to help us continue this work.  You do not have to be part of the congregation to be a member or offer help, just someone who is interested in the preservation of such a magnificent landmark.  You can become a friend of Gawsworth St. James the Great for only £5 per ann,  or a life member of Friends for a one off payment of £50.

If you join Friends you will be helping to maintain this beautiful 585 year old Church and grounds.

If you would like to make a donation to Friends or take out a membership, by far the best method is to send us a BAC's payment and fill out the donation / Gift Aid form below.  You can also pay with a Credit/Debit card via the PayPal link below.  Please note if you pay via PayPal 3.5% in fees will be taken for your payment.  

Many thanks for your consideration.


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