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dated: 1890-1900 approx
 August 2018
 Easter Day 1988
A Regular Sunday Morning Family Service on the 4th December 2016

History of St James Church Interior

dated: 1890-1900 approx

This photographic image of the Church interior is from 1890 to 1900 approx.

If you compare this image to the present day, you will see that a number of things have altered over the last hundred years or so.

The most noticeable difference being the addition of the top part of the rood screen, and the rood.

Other changes are:-

No electric Lighting, probably no heating!

No carpet

Note the pew ends, these were removed by Rector Polehampton 1904 - 1924

It is uncertain what the use of the large semicircular curtain across the North/East door was for.

Also uncertain as to when the large oak wooden Alter back was added or removed from the East wall.


Most up to date image of the interior (Augs 2018)

The Keyboard for the new digital organ was installed in 2003/4 and dedicated by the Bishop of Stockport The RT. Revd. Nigel Stock on the 25th July 2004 

 August 2018
In this image you can see the organ key board to the old pipe organ, which was removed in 2004
Also note the lighter colour of the Rood, this was toned down to match the Rood screen when the Rood screen was restored in the 1980's
 Easter Day 1988
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