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Please consider making  a donation by clicking the button below to donate any amount you choose to Friends of Gawsworth St. James. Friends is a registered charity  No. 1099488

Every £1 you donate will be used to keep and maintain this beautiful historic Church.  

You can become a friend of Gawsworth St. James the Great for only £5 per ann.

If you join Friends you will be helping to maintain this beautiful 585 year old Church and grounds.  We will also keep in contact with you via email as a FRIEND of St. James the Great, Gawsworth.  Registered Charity No: 1099488

Why not become a volunteer ?

We need your help to maintain this beautiful 585 year old Church and grounds.  You can help with Church cleaning and maintenance, or help with tea and coffee making on a Sunday morning. Or how about helping with our once a month Church yard working group to maintain the grounds.

If you don't have a PayPal account
you can use a credit/debit card

If you don't have a PayPal account 

you can use a credit /debit card


WHO PAYS?           -          WHAT DOES IT COST?





Did you know that St. James Gawsworth, costs £132,885.00 per year (2016),  to keep open, for you.


Thats £2,555.00 every week.  


Q.  And who do you think pays for this?


A.   ”The Church” ! ?


A.   No, its the congregation & visitors that pay to keep it open for you.



Sounds like a lot of money doesn't it.  That’s how much was spent in 2016, just under £133 thousand pounds.  Wow, you can buy a small house for that much!  I hear you say.   But you have to remember that St. James is a Grade One listed building and it’s over 585 years old.  So you can imagine the cost of the repairs to keep it in good order, also all the repairs have to be done by specialists etc.,  so  now you can see where the money goes.

On top of the upkeep of the building we also pay for our clergy, our Rector, and our assistant priest, plus a further amount paid to the Diocese to cover the clergy pensions etc.  This is all put together under the title of our Parish Share which is paid to the Chester Diocese, in 2016 this was £50,313.00


You know some people think that this is all paid for by “The Church” and if you ask them why they think that.  They say that the Church has got lots of money and can afford it.


I think you will find that most of the perceived wealth of the Church comes from all the buildings that the Church owns, so on paper it looks very good, but in reality this is not the case.


It would be very nice if  “the Church” did pay for all the up keep, but this is not the case, it doesn’t, just the opposite in fact the congregation and visitors pay for the up keep of the Church and the Clergy.  This is the case for all churches throughout the UK.


So this leaves us having to find £2,555.00 every week to keep Gawsworth St. James the Great Church (the home of the Fitton Monuments) open, for you all to see and visit.


Please can you find it in your heart to help us maintain this Great Church?  Please consider joining Friends or making a donation to St James.

If you would like to make a donation to Friends or take out a membership, by far the best method is to send us a BAC's payment and fill out the donation / Gift Aid form below.  You can also pay with a Credit/Debit card via the PayPal link below.  Please note if you pay via PayPal 3.5% in fees will be taken for your payment.  

Many thanks for your consideration.

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